Public consultations regarding the project were carried out to give the local community and environmental organisations as much information as possible about the Outer Port and measures taken to minimise the risk of adverse effects of its construction.

The implementation of such a large and complex investment project, located in the immediate vicinity of the residential areas of Gdynia downtown and in addition in the Natura 2000 area, requires sharing  of information about the key project assumptions, the expected results and its impact on  life of residents and the natural environment. Particular attention should be paid to the project impact on the living conditions of Gdynia residents and the natural environment.


Therefore, the PGA SA has taken measures to obtain approval for the project among the local community, to resolve doubts and, in some cases, jointly develop alternative solutions. We also take into account the possibility of balancing out the negative impact on the project in both environmental and social context. That is why we ordered environmental research and analyses, and we also started public consultations.


The consultations  consisted in dissemination of information and the public survey. The results of which were used to prepare a report describing the level of knowledge about the project and the degree of its approval by the residents of Gdynia. It also included the opinions of environmental organisations. The report will be incorporated into the environmental impact report for the planned project.


Educational, information and promotional activities


Consultation activities – exchange of ideas, opinions, questions and objections


Preparing and conducting of public opinion polls and drawing up the Report



Creating a project database and sharing it via  the website and social media


Providing an e-mail address dedicated to consultations


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conducting on-line surveys on the project website

Before starting the survey, we recommend that you read the project description and its objectives:

Project description

Project objectives

To meet the expectations postulated by the residents of Gdynia during the information meeting held in January 2020, we plan to partially open the pier of the Outer Port. The Outer Port will feature a bicycle path and a viewing platform from which the visitors will be able to admire the new part of the port.