We plan to complete construction works as part of the project in 2028. The total investment expenditure for the project will be approx. PLN 3.95 billion net (in accordance with the Feasibility Study appraisal of the project), including equipment for the terminal. Most of the planned investment expenditure will be covered by the future Private Partner (more about the role in the OPIS PROJEKTU tab and the PPP). A detailed breakdown of expenditure between the parties to the project will be prepared in 2021 during the Competitive Dialogue.


May 2018 Multi-discipline Concept – comparative analysis of technical variants of the project
September 2018 Implementation Concept – assumptions and technical description of the selected project variant; initial  economic calculations for the project
December 2018 Institutional and Functional Structure– project assumptions in relation to business and socio-economic environment
December 2018 Conducting a Technical Dialogue ending with the elaboration  and publication of reports
July 2019 The Act amending the Act on Sea Ports and Harbours and certain other acts (Dz.U. 2019.1716) was passed, introducing key provisions  related to  construction of road infrastructure necessary to enable the operation of the Outer Port
August 2019 Special purpose act on the construction of outer  ports (Dz.U.2019.1924) was passed
September 2019 Updating the Implementation Concept based on the arrangements with the Ministry of National Defence, the Maritime Office, the City Gdynia  and others
November 2019 Signing a contract for transaction advisory  for the PPP process
March 2020 Completion of Public Consultations – conducting the public survey among the local community in relation to the project
May 2020 Regulation of the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation of 27 April 2020 on the boundaries of the seaport in Gdynia – extension of boundaries of the Port of Gdynia to include areas needed for the Outer Port and its hinterland
June 2020 Commencement of implementation of one of the complementary projects – improvement of rail access to the seaport in Gdynia – railway infrastructure, including siding and connection to the existing network of railway tracks; infrastructure dedicated to rail traffic to the eastern part of the Port of Gdynia and the future Outer Port
June 2020 PPP Project Appraisal – analysis of the project feasibility and the efficiency of its implementation in the PPP scheme , including  the market of private partners and financing institutions  testing of
October 2020 Amendment to the Act on Sea Ports and Harbours and the Act amending certain acts to counteract social and economic effects of COVID-19 – a guarantee that Port of Gdynia Authority SA will receive the public funding for one of the complementary projects: the construction of breakwaters at the Port of Gdynia
November 2020 Procurement notice for the construction of the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia in the public-private partnership scheme
November 2020 Agreeing  the concept of one of the complementary projects  – the construction of the Red Road in Gdynia
December 2020 Feasibility Study
December 2020 Funds for the complimentary project – Port of Gdynia new breakwaters
January 2021 Environmental report
February 2021 Four proposals in the call for the private partner


Scheduled dateDescription
Q2 - Q4 2021 Competitive Dialogue
Q2 2021 Environmental Decision – based on the environmental documentation under preparation
2021 Completion of one of the complementary projects – extension  of rail access to the Port in Gdynia
Q3 2022 PPP contract – signing the contract with a private partner
Q3 2024 Design, construction and executive  documentation prepared by the private partner
Q3 2025 Building permit – preceded by obtaining the necessary approvals and administrative decisions
2027 Completion of other complementary projects – the Red Road in Gdynia and the construction of breakwaters at the Port of Gdynia
2028 Completion of the project construction  stage, commencement of operation of the Outer Port