The Port of Gdynia area is limited and lack of  expansion to the sea would be a barrier to its growth.
Hence , the aim of the construction of the Outer Port is to increase the competitive position of the Port of Gdynia by enabling the handling of container ocean- vessels of  Baltmax parameters, i.e. up to 430 metres long (in the future up to 490 metres), up to 60 metres wide (in the long term up to about 70 metres) and with a draft up to 16 metres.

As a result, the Port of Gdynia will gain a strong position in significant cargo segments on a the  national, Baltic and European level.


Why is this the only way of development? It is impossible to expand the Port of Gdynia on the land side, as it is surrounded by Gdynia's residential and commercial districts.

  1. There are hardly any options of acquiring new areas around the basins of the Port of Gdynia
  2. New container terminals are needed in the Port, as the existing ones are on the verge of exhausting their potential
  3. Competitive sea ports in the Baltic and North Sea region are developing dynamically, so it is necessary toat least achieve competitive equilibrium.
  4. The assumptions of the "Port of Gdynia's Strategic Development Plan to 2027” include an increase in the area of the port on the land filled  waters of the Gdańsk Bay.

Benefits for Poland

  1. Increasing the security of Polish supply chains and foreign exchange
  2. Transferring some transshipment of goods involved in the EU foreign trade from foreign ports to Poland

Benefits for the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the City of Gdynia

  1. Development of the transport network: waterways, roads and railways connected to the Outer Port
  2. Economic growth of the region thank to  tax revenues
  3. Labour market development – approx. 4,700 new jobs in the Outer Port and its business environment
  4. Potential for new investments in Gdynia and neighbouring towns
  5. Positive demographic changes – increase in the number of inhabitants

Benefits for the Port of Gdynia

  1. Improving the competitive position
  2. Continuing the Port of Gdynia’s role as an important player on the European container transport market
  3. Long-term development perspectives, ensuring revenues for financing of further projects
  4. Improving the shipping conditions
  5. Potential to expand the  transshipment range of the Port

Benefits for enterprises operating in the Port of Gdynia

  1. Potential for expanding the portfolio and the volume of services offered

Benefits for the natural environment

  1. Increase in the share of deep-sea transport in trade, reducing the carbon footprint of transported goods
  2. Development of intermodal transport based on more environmentally friendly means of transport