Please find below  the analyses, research and studies carried out to define the potential environmental impacts of the construction and operation of the Outer Port as broadly and precisely as possible.

Environmental compensation and potential negative project impacts are taken into account. Environmental studies and analyses of the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia were ordered for that purpose.



So far the following environmental studies have been developed as part of the project preparatory stage:

  1. nature inventory of land areas covered by the project and partially by complementary projects,
  2. nature inventory of water is the areas covered by the project and the complementary project involving the construction of breakwaters at the Port of Gdynia,
  3. analysis of risks caused by spills and other adverse events at the project implementation and operation stages,
  4. analysis of the project impact on sediment movements,
  5. development of the environmental report for the project.

In addition, the following are currently in progress:

  1. research on spawning grounds and fry in the project area.

We invite  you to follow the information posted on the subpage dedicated to environmental aspects, made especially for the residents of Gdynia.

All opinions and comments are invaluable. They will be analysed and will contribute to making the Outer Port project sustainable and modern.

Port of Gdynia Authority SA encourages you to submit both reservations  related to the implementation and operation of our new strategic project as well as  opinions and ideas  to the following e-mail address:


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