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The Port of Gdynia Authority presents the most important project in the history of the Port of Gdynia, since its construction – the Outer Port. This project, carried out in a public-private partnership, involves the construction of a new port pier (an artificial peninsula) that will include a container terminal and probably other additional facilities. The Outer Port will extend the existing Coal Pier.
The deepened new bodies of water at the Port of Gdynia will be 17 m deep at the quays, while the current maximum depth of waters at the port is approx. 13.5 metres.

The new quays at the Port of Gdynia will be able to handle container ships with a length of over 400 meters and a draft of up to 16 metres. These are the largest vessels that can enter the Baltic Sea because due to shallow depth of the Danish Straits. The estimated annual handling capacity of the terminal is 2.5 million TEU (a cargo capacity measure equivalent to the volume of a 20 foot long container), or approx. 25 million tonnes of cargo.

The Outer Port will not only contribute to the development of the Port of Gdynia, but also increase budget revenues for the City of Gdynia, the Pomerania region and Poland. It will be an important element of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).


Estimated total net expenditure on Stage I of the adopted project variant,
including connection with the road and rail infrastructure


of strategic assumptions for the growth of the Port of Gdynia

YEAR 2028

Planned completion of construction and equipping of the Outer Port


for Poland, the Port, the city of Gdynia and its residents, port terminal operators, the potential for improving inovation in the port sector